Secretary’s Desk


untitledEuclid Lodge

Secretary 2018

Bro. Gary E. Tiedens, PM


Brethren your 2018 dues are as follows.

Regular Members:  Lodge dues are $80.00 plus the Grand Lodge assessment of $48.00 for a

 total of $128.00

NJ Dual Members:  Only pay the Lodge portion of the dues $80.00. The Grand Lodge assessment will be paid by your Mother Lodge.

Gold Token Members:  Only need to pay the Grand Lodge Assessment of $48.00

If you are in the Armed Forces on Active Duty, both Lodge dues and Grand Lodge assessment will be waived, by order of the Grand Master. (Please let me know if you are on Active Duty). If you have any questions or difficulty please give me a call.

  Gary E. Tiedens, PM- Secretary

On the third Friday of every month, whole blood and platelets may be donated, 2pm to 10pm, at Clifton Lodge No. 203.